Wednesday , April 23 2014
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  • Closing Wrap For 4/22/2014



    Our markets are enjoying their longest winning streak since September (S&P and NASDAQ), rising for the sixth day in a row.  All the hand wringing by the pundits, the sellsiders and the woe-is-me crowd turned out to be total garbage.  Corporate earnings and guidance are coming in better for the most part and M&A activity continues at breakneck speeds. 


    The Trannies were higher by 0.6% and finished the day at an all time record high.


    March existing home sales also fell less than expected which further gladdened investors.


    The S&P closed up 8 points or 41 bips, the Dow was up 65 or 40 basis points and the Nazz tacked on 40 points to end the day higher by 97 bips.


    As I write this closing summary, Asian stocks are trading mixed with the Hang Seng down 209 points, the Shanghai Comp is down 5, the Sensex is up 50 basis points, KOSPI is down by 0.19%, Taiwan is lower by 0.20% and finally the Nikkei is up 158 points or 1.09% on the day.


    Recent Trades


    On the trade front, we made three trades last week and one on Monday:


    We made $8,450 on INFY ER.

    On YHOO earnings, we were up $7,300

    On GOOG we were up $1,982

    And, finally on NFLX yesterday, we were up $6,442.


    That is $24,174 in less than a week!!


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    Wednesday’s Economic Calendar:


             7:00 MBA Mortgage Applications

             9:00 PMI Manufacturing Index Flash

             10:00 New Home Sales

             10:30 EIA Petroleum Inventories

    Techland Earnings Before Wednesday’s Open:





    Techland Earnings After Wednesday’s Close:




    News of Note After the Closing Bell on Tuesday:


    VMW down afterhours on muted bookings guidance, EMC also down in sympathy.

    JNPR guides slightly higher but shares off a bit in AH.


    IRBT also down on slightly muted guidance AH.


    Chinese PMI below 50 but a bit higher than last month but lower than expected by the pundits.


    ERIC reports lower than expected revenues and is down 5.5% in Stockholm.


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    Since inception (Feb 1, 2013) our model is up 136.13% versus a rise of 30.90% in the Nasdaq and a rise of 29.37% in the Nasdaq 100 (which is our benchmark) for the same period.


    As always I hope you have enjoyed reading this summary as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you.


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  • Our Stock Portfolio as of March 4th

    Our Stock Portfolio as of March 4th

    Our model portfolio was started on Feb 1st, 2013 with an initial starting capital of $100,000 and we are up 141.08% as of March 04th, 2014 Check our Performance

    Performance Chart
    Market Eod 04th March 2014 CMP Stockuverse Outperformance
    S&P 1513.17 1845.73 21.98% 119.11%
    Nasdaq 3179 4277.3 34.55% 106.54%
    Dow 14009.79 16168.03 15.41% 125.68%
    Sensex 19781.19 21190 7.12% 133.96%
    Nifty 6003.65 6292 4.8% 136.28%
    Stockuverse 100000 241084.91 141.08%


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